Saphire AmuletEdit

The Saphire Amulet is a basic drop from [Level 5] Lake Naga Warriors in Lake Gral'goth near the starting town, Brightpine.
Saphire Amulet

the Saphire Amulet Item. (CustomNPCs)

They drop 68% of the time and can be sold for 24 Gold Coins at the Armory in Brightpine.

Crafting & UncraftingEdit

the Saphire Amulet can be crafted with 2 String and 1 Saphire. It can also be uncrafted into 1 Saphire. The Saphire amulet is planed to make you faster when in hand, for fast getaways or traveling far distances, or to give Water Beathing to the holder.
Saphire Amulet Recipe

The Crafting Recipe for a Saphire Amulet.

This item is from the CustomNPCs Mod, but we have modified the item to be craftable and uncraftable. We also renamed it to suit this server. (Orginally called "Locket.")

Saphire Amulet Uncrafting Recipe

The result of uncrafting a Saphire Amulet.